Direct-to-consumer – how manufacturers can succeed in selling directly

Delivering directly to consumers is not a new phenomenon. But the digitization of retail has heavily accelerated this development over the past few years. It’s worth thinking about alternative channels for sales and marketing, because customers’ purchasing habits and expectations are changing. Digital touchpoints now play a central role in many purchasing decisions.

Study highlights

Market overview

D2C is already very widespread. But the number of companies that provide their own online shop varies significantly across sectors.

D2C maturity

The surveyed companies are at very different levels of maturity in D2C. This is reflected in both the share of revenue from D2C and the energy the companies invest in their shops.

Based on the data we gathered, we were able to identify three groups among the companies: followers, strategists and pure players.

Opportunities and challenges

Through countless conversations with companies active in D2C retail, we formed a good picture of the real opportunities and challenges.

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