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Strategy consulting Creating the basis of your e-commerce strategy

Companies are increasingly being forced to rethink their business models and to reconsider their overall strategy as well. We help to create a basis for your e-commerce strategy. The discussions we have with you will help you identify the requirements of an online shop and do the necessary marketing.

The benefits for you

  • Many retailers lack the experience and know-how to make the right decisions. In this respect, we are the perfect source of expertise.
  • A clearly-structured approach is crucial when drawing up a strategy. We will help you to achieve this.
  • Our outside perspective will give you with a solid foundation for decision-making.

The benefits for you

  • As part of the workshop, you will learn how to develop the basis of your e-commerce strategy.
  • We help you compile a concept document on your e-commerce strategy.

Who is this service for?

Open to all interested companies.


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  • Strategy consulting creating the basis of your e-commerce

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