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Vanmilia is a startup from Eastern Switzerland that is developing a product with a completely new approach to teaching children about the concept of time.

In 2020, Vanmilia brought its first product, the TimeBow, onto the market. This solution uses lights and colours to teach children about the passage of time, helping them to learn how to assess how long something takes (e.g. a car journey or the amount of time until their next birthday) more successfully. Since its market launch, the TimeBow has won a RedDot Design Award.


The Digital Commerce team at Swiss Post helped to develop an optimized online sales strategy for the TimeBow market launch.

This focused on the most efficient marketing channels, the required budget and product pricing.


A coordinated plan for marketing and communication measures was created for the market launch, starting with a crowdfunding campaign. Vanmilia obtained a more accurate picture of the required marketing budget as well as expected sales.

As the founder of Vanmilia, it was clear to me from the outset that online sales would play a crucial role from the beginning. So I was happy to have the Digital Commerce Consulting team on board when planning the product launch.

Mathias Teber, Founder Vanmilia


Vanmilia benefited from the following consulting services:

Illustration Services Vanmilia

(1) Strategy and design: Analysis of the target group, creation of personas and the evaluation of various sales channels for entering the market

(5) Marketing: Creation of a draft concept for the marketing and analysis of the various different online marketing channels in terms of costs and impact

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