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Who are the faces behind the Digital Commerce team? Your consultants for online retail

The Digital Commerce team is a cross-unit business entity at Swiss Post. Our team gives its all to ensure your success. The team will support you with a wide range of skills, helping you to overcome the hurdles in online retail.

In the Digital Commerce team, we have experts for all kinds of specialist fields. One thing we all have in common is our many years of experience in the practical implementation of retail concepts. We see knowledge sharing as a core activity.

This is why we make sure we play an active role by giving presentations at international conferences, delivering lectures at Swiss universities and by sharing our knowledge with anyone interested in our blog.

Visions and solutions We offer everything from a single source

Digitization and the new opportunities it brings for customers in terms of information gathering and purchasing habits are having a significant impact on today’s customer journeys. Customers are using a wide array of channels, more and more often simultaneously, completely irrespective of their particular needs, situation and individual preferences.

How do you overcome these new challenges from the company’s perspective? What should be included in an appropriate strategy for the future, in order to ensure targeted business positioning in a digital marketing and sales landscape that is constantly changing?

The concepts and strategies offered by the Digital Commerce team provide answers to these questions.

We believe in a connected, dynamic Swiss marketplace, in which power is shifting from suppliers to customers. We use our skills and our ability to identify trends early as the basis for our personalized, independent advice for people who are developing and advancing business models.

We work in partnership with our customers to help them to overcome challenges in the online retail space. In doing so, we strive for quality in the advice we provide and, if the customer so chooses, in our implementation of it.

The solutions devised by the Digital Commerce team are based on close cooperation with our customers’ own specialists. Thanks to our independent position within Swiss Post, we are an objective partner.

Our advice is neutral and is based on our industry knowledge and a holistic perspective. This helps us to find the best solution for our customers.

How we work

Our service works as follows: in a no-obligation, free initial consultation, expectations are clarified and goals set. Depending on the scope of the order, this can take anywhere from a few hours to a full day.

This initial consultation also serves as the basis for a rough outline. This contains potential approaches and the next steps. At the Digital Commerce team, we will charge you at an hourly rate.

Based on this outline, we will start preparing an in-depth situation analysis, which is subject to a fee. This serves as the basis for the concept, which is tailored to the individual customer and contains careful documentation of all further steps. During the concept phase, we will share our findings periodically with the customer and agree upon the next steps.

The customer will choose one of the proposed options. We will then develop a detailed plan for this option and present a comprehensive roadmap for its implementation. The success of any concept rests in its implementation. That’s why we are of course also available to support customers in implementing the measures we recommend, if they so choose.

Transparency is paramount for us. For this reason, each process step is invoiced with a detailed breakdown of expenses and fees.

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