Esports in Switzerland – current figures and future potential

Taking advantage of the boom Esports in Switzerland – current figures and future potential

Published on 10.09.2020, Marcel Hüttermann

Many Swiss companies have Esports on their radar, but are shying away from taking a step into the industry. And yet there is no denying the opportunities that this sector would bring.

Esports is the term used to describe the playing of computer games in special competitions, either alone or as part of a team. The players either meet at e-sport events or play against each other online.

The Esports sector has seen strong growth in recent years and is continuing to develop. COVID-19 has even left it largely unscathed. Despite a downward revision of estimated turnover for 2020 by 3.8%, an increase of 2.7% has been calculated for the year 2023 as a result of the pandemic (turnover: 1.6 bn.; Newzoo, 2020). This is because it was primarily offline events that could not take place, which thus led to the drop in sales. However, as the sector is a largely digital movement, COVID-19 will work to its advantage in the long run. Because while the introduction of lockdown restrictions across the world has prevented people from personally meeting up, Esports provides a superb opportunity to get together online, either as competitors or spectators.

In general, there is much to be gained by Swiss companies here too.

Potential No. 1

There are more Esports spectators than actual players in Switzerland. 41.2% of Swiss Esports enthusiasts view the games on a weekly basis. 40.6% could imagine watching Esports on television. Not only the typically younger target group would enjoy a TV format, but also the target group of 30-44 year olds in particular. Wider coverage is, however, unfortunately lacking in Switzerland at the moment.

And yet which groups are actually interested in Esports?

Potential No. 2

The younger generation (16-29 year olds) and males are more aware of Esports, regard it as a sport and take more of an interest in it. No real surprises there. The Esports Study 2019, however, clearly showed that people over the ages of 30, 45 and 60 are also getting involved. For example, more than 30% of the over-45s regularly play video games. Esports “seniors” offers have ultimately since been introduced to meet demand (SRF, 2019).

How can Swiss companies now benefit from the Esports boom?

Potential No. 3

The simplest answer here is: invest in Esports! Even non-endemic sponsors (companies that are not directly associated with Esports) are benefiting from their involvement in it. In a study soon to be published, it has been shown that non-endemic sponsors benefit from Esports sponsorship as it improves the attitude and goodwill shown toward the brand, while also increasing purchasing intentions for the brand products. This indicates that even companies with limited marketing budgets can benefit from the affordable opportunities presented by Esports sponsorship.


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Marcel Hüttermann

Marcel Hüttermann is a research assistant and young lecturer. In addition to his teaching, he manages research and consulting projects, primarily in the field of sports marketing and customer relationship management. He is also responsible for the institute’s service activities. Alongside his work at the ZHAW, he is a doctoral student at the TU Munich, exploring the theme of fan engagement.

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