The right way to sell across national borders

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Cross-border e-commerce The right way to sell across national borders

Published on 22.05.2019

Cross-border shopping is a growing phenomenon all around the world. Retailers can take advantage of this by adopting a courageous approach and with the right preparation.

Cross-border shopping is becoming routine for more and more customers. This is clearly illustrated by the ‘PayPal Cross-Border Consumer Research 2018’ report. Whether in China, USA, Germany or Switzerland – consumers today are no longer reluctant to order products from retailers abroad. This trend presents attractive earning opportunities. To ensure successful expansion abroad, various aspects must be taken into account.

The fundamental requirement is a range of products for which there is demand abroad. But that alone is not enough. The shop must be adapted to the mentality and language of the target market. The currency problem should not be underestimated either. It’s not simply a matter of converting prices into the target currency. The retailer also wants to be competitive abroad, and to generate sufficient earnings despite the exchange rates. It’s also important to offer customers payment methods that are commonplace in the country concerned. Finally, selecting a country-specific URL for the shop is also strongly advised.

Another important aspect is the delivery of the goods ordered. They have to be transported to the target country safely and quickly. This may involve reviewing logistical processes and adjusting them if necessary. A few questions need to be answered – which costs must be calculated? Which delivery times are realistic and how can returns be managed?

The third aspect to consider is legal matters. On the one hand, there are consumer rights: what is the situation with guarantees in the destination country? What rights do customers have regarding returns or withdrawal from a sales contract? On the other hand, there are tax and financial matters. These include the liability of the shop operator, as well as the proper recording of income and any customs procedures.

Swiss Post would be pleased to advise you, whether you wish to sell goods abroad from Switzerland or to Switzerland from abroad.

Swiss Post will also be represented at stand 40 at the K5 Conference in Berlin on 4 and 5 June. We look forward to your visit.


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