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Service: Notification services Your customers are up-to-date at all times

Online shoppers value being informed as soon as their orders are on their way and when they will arrive. This gives them security or increases their anticipation. Therefore, offer your customers this convenient additional service: keep them up-to-date about their consignments via SMS or e-mail. 

The advantages for you

  • You fulfil a central customer need in digital commerce
  • You create customer proximity and increase customer satisfaction
  • Your customer service/call center will be relieved of additional work

Which services are available?

Notification Delivery to Swiss Post

Let your customers know that the consignment has been handed over to Swiss Post. Customers can use the consignment number to track the consignment online.

Delivery information notification

Let your customers know when their consignment will arrive: whether on a weekday, in the evening (same day or next day) or the following Saturday.  

Collection information notification

Let your customers know as soon as the consignment is ready for collection.

Reminder to recipient

Let your customers receive a reminder of the consignment to be picked up, if necessary by indicating which documents are required for pick-up.

Notification Handover status to sender

Let us inform you that your consignment has been delivered, is ready to be picked up, or that a new delivery attempt is being made.

Who is this service for?

The notification services are suitable for companies that want to create more customer proximity with active information to their customers. Prerequisite is a billing relationship with Swiss Post (monthly invoicing). The consignment and address data required for the notifications are transmitted to Swiss Post via DataTransfer (e-mail, SFTP or Sedex).  

Here’s how it works

  1. Select notification service
  2. Address consignment and process recipient addresses
  3. Transmission of address data to Swiss Post as XML file by e-mail, via SFTP or Sedex
  4. Drop off consignments
  5. Validation of data and sorting of consignments by Swiss Post
  6. Dispatch of the ordered notifications by Swiss Post
  7. Delivery of the items

Are you already a Swiss Post business customer? The activation of notification services is also possible via

  • DataTransfer
  • Digital Commerce API "Barcode"
  • Online service "Domestic parcel labels" 

Information on the API "Barcode" module


CHF 0.10 per order



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