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Online service: Track & Trace Premium Monitor performance with pinpoint accuracy

Track & Trace Premium provides you with a wealth of information on a daily basis. With it you support your customer service and access up-to-date figures to optimize your processes.

The advantages for you

  • Status of all consignments against proof of delivery
  • Overview of the status of all consignments on a franking licence number
  • Statistical data such as number of returns

Which services are available?

Status overview

Track & Trace Premium works via the franking licence number and allows you to query the current status of all consignments under a specific number.


Track & Trace Premium provides you with a wealth of statistical material, such as the duration of the task, the receipt of the consignment or the number of returns. Weak points in the process can be identified and remedied with pinpoint accuracy and early on. The services of Swiss Post can also be checked transparently and precisely.

Consignments against proof of delivery

Daily updated status overview of all consignments with proof of delivery on one franking licence number: delivered, ready for delivery, re-delivery, etc.

Who is this service for?

The Track & Trace Premium online service is suitable for companies with a high volume of consignments and/or a high proportion of consignments against proof of delivery. With Track & Trace Premium, you can specifically support your customer service and maintain control over the performance of the individual process steps. Prerequisite for use is a billing relationship with Swiss Post.

Here’s how it works

You can access the "Track & Trace Premium" online service and all information on its use here.

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