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Online service: My consignments That's what we do for your customers

Our "My consignments" services give private customers the ability to monitor or manage their consignments, either per consignment or as a permanent service, as necessary. Score points with your customers and point them to practical services.

The advantages for you

  • Easy consignment management for customers
  • Receiving consignments the convenient way
  • Services are free for companies

Which services are available?

Permanent services

Customers specify online if they want to have their parcels deposited or if they want them to be delivered to their neighbours or on specific days.

Single orders

Customers decide per consignment when and where they want to receive it.

Standing orders

Many standing orders are free of charge. For a surcharge, delivery to an upper floor for an individual person or a whole household can be ordered as a standing order.

Consignments against proof of delivery

Even consignments that require proof of delivery can be received in the customer's absence. With the delivery authorization issued online, letters are placed in the letter box and parcels in the storage compartment or deposited at the desired location, provided that the sender has not blocked the option.

Who is this service for?

The "My consignments" online service is open to private recipients. It requires prior registration and confirmation of the address. The sender incurs no costs. The services of "My consignments" are tailored to the services that business customers are likely to use.

Here’s how it works

Your customers will receive all the information at this link.

Do you have any other questions?

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