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Online service: Domestic parcel labels Create compliant labels easily

Generate labels directly online that meet the requirements for national shipping. In a simple process, you feed in all data of a consignment and in return receive the printable templates.

The advantages for you

  • Compliance with required standards
  • Direct availability
  • Barcode for further processing steps

Which services are available?

Access to the entire product range for parcel consignments

In addition to the address, you can also provide your consignments with all other information about the shipping method (for example PostPac Priority or SameDay) and the additional services (e.g. "Signature", delivery against proof of delivery).

Who is this service for?

The Domestic parcel labels online service is especially suitable for beginners in digital commerce. Payment for this service takes place either by credit card or via a billing relationship with Swiss Post.

Here’s how it works

Information on use and access to the "Domestic parcel labels" online service

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