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Urban fulfilment: the battle for city shoppers

More than half the world’s population lives in cities. Urbanization is a global megatrend that presents retailers and omnichannel retailers with special challenges. “Urban fulfilment”, in other words delivering the product to the customer, must be profitable and efficient. Easier said than done.

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Published on 24.04.2019 Author: Markus Peter

Interview with Patrick Kessler

We talked to Patrick Kessler, managing director of the Swiss Mail Order Association (VSV) and found out some fascinating background information on the latest online and mail order market study.

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Published on 16.04.2019

Blockchain – the revolutionary technology

The Bitcoin cryptocurrency caused a veritable hysteria in the media last year. By contrast, retail has fairly quietly gone about investigating potential applications for the underlying blockchain technology. And this technology can solve intrinsic problems in the procurement and distribution of goods.

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Published on 15.04.2019 Author: Yannick Küffer

11 April 2019 is Swiss Logistics Day

Swiss Logistics Day is taking place on 11 April 2019. On this promotional day, companies from across Switzerland will be opening their doors and inviting members of the public to take a look behind the scenes and experience logistics for themselves.

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Published on 11.04.2019

Success in digital retail begins with optimal data

Data is the raw material underpinning digitization. But data needs to be able to flow freely for retailers to be successful. Customers need to access the latest data at an ever-increasing number of touchpoints, but this can only work if the data and interfaces underpinning the system are the best they can be.

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Published on 10.04.2019 Author: Philippe Mettler

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