Ten social media trends for 2023 – part 1

2023: Social media apps

2023: Social media apps

Social media Ten social media trends for 2023 – part 1

Published on 03.01.2023 by Simon Flück, Digital Marketer, Atelier GoLive GmbH

Look out for the following social media trends in 2023. More has happened in the social media world over the past two years than ever before! Not so long ago, companies were cutting budgets due to the pandemic and the impact of the conflict in Ukraine. Now they are investing again and we are in for a golden age of social media.

Challenges for social media marketing

In 2023, many countries face the threat of recession and persistent or rising inflation. Despite the respective economic consequences, social media is in a good position. While cuts in spending on media and external marketing can be expected, so can greater investment in social media. After many years, social media marketing has become established among companies and more resources are being devoted to it as companies want to spend more on branding again.

Social media trends in 2023

Trends come and go – and social media is no exception. We are seeing changes in both user behaviour and technology. New social media platforms and formats are emerging, and users are starting to create and consume content differently.

Artificial Intelligence – your creator, presenter and analyst

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is covering more areas and getting even better at helping people. Ever more social media content such as texts, images and videos is being created by artificial intelligence.

Furthermore, the trend towards artificial intelligence is helping us to analyse social media channels and users. The same technology also determines what content these users get to see.

This is why creators and companies are increasingly using artificial intelligence for their social media marketing. Due to this success, artificial intelligence for social media is a trend to look out for in 2023.

Cross-posting has made the breakthrough

Cross-posting really took off in 2022 and will continue to develop in 2023. As social media companies copy and implement each other’s most popular features and formats, this means the same content is being published simultaneously across all these platforms.

The cross-posting trend got a boost when the successful TikTok social media format of the “short video” was copied and integrated for YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Creators can now publish the same video in the same format on different social media channels. This gives them more reach and exposure with minimal additional effort.

Creators vs influencers

Thanks to TikTok (the social media trend of 2022 (in German)) the job title “creator” has become established in the online world. Unlike influencers, creators focus on content they create themselves with added value – without promoting a product. In particular, this content has significant entertainment value. This can be in the field of music, dancing, cooking, comedy, knowledge and pets.

Creators have become so successful via TikTok that YouTube has copied the format and is now trying to lure creators with money. This means there will not only be a trend towards creators, but also towards social media companies attempting to attract creators in 2023.

Data protection – the evergreen trend

We will also see changes in the area of data protection in 2023. On the one hand, this may be due to the progress of the successor agreement to the overturned “Privacy Shield” between the US and Europe. On the other hand, it will be because of Switzerland’s fully revised Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP). This will now come into force on 1 September 2023. It is also likely that further rulings will be made in the area of data protection.

With regard to the Swiss FADP, the public authorities have confirmed that if the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is already complied with, only a few changes will need to be made.

Learn more about the Federal Act on Data Protection.

Customer service via social media

Questions about a job, a technical issue, complaints or investor relations can be asked quickly via a social media channel. The traditional method of calling or e-mailing the relevant department is becoming less common for some customers. This is a logical development. Companies that are active on social media and interact with the community establish a connection with their customers. We will see more of this behaviour in 2023 as companies are once again much more active on social media.

Part two of “Ten Social Media Trends for 2023” (to be published on 10 January) will talk about the other five trends such as social commerce and new social media platforms.

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