This is why content marketing is important

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Content marketing symbol image

Content marketing This is why content marketing is important

Published on 05.07.2022 by Natalie Gijsbers, Managing Director, MisSpelling GmbH and Ralph Wagner, Content Marketing Manager, MisSpelling GmbH

In the lively world of marketing, countless technical terms and new trends are constantly emerging. Terms that marketeers throw around quickly become fashionable because of their popularity. Content marketing is one such term. That’s because content is king! Find out why in this blog.

What is content marketing?

Content means information made available online. No matter what information you find on a website, it’s content. The images, texts or videos are created and published as content on a digital platform and consumed by users. But the type of media presented is not the only important factor; the quality of the content also plays a key role. The aim should be to make the content as attractive as possible for the desired target group and to enable the content to achieve the necessary visibility and subsequent popularity. That’s content marketing!

Successful websites deliver good content

Good / high-quality content is a valuable asset in the infinite world of the Internet, because it clearly sets apart quality sites from the rest. Can visitors to the website find the content they were looking for in a short amount of time? If they can then also find more information that could be helpful, and if positive emotions and interest are aroused in them, there is a good chance that the company will leave a lasting impression on them. If other customers also enjoy such a positive experience on the website, it will get a better search engine ranking due to the increased traffic and longer dwell time. This is a positive consequence, considering that a search engine ranking in the top tier promotes willingness to buy and strengthens the brand in the long term. It’s customer acquisition made easy!

How is high-quality content created?

In order to present content in a target-oriented manner, companies should ask themselves what problems or hindrances people encounter in their everyday lives, and how they can be advised on and assisted with them. How can this need be met, and how can companies convince their customers on a website that their product or service is the only right solution for them? The key here is to understand the target group, accurately analyse their needs and create the content accordingly. When it comes to text, it’s important that the content stands out immediately, because users today are impatient and rather intolerant. And what happens when the content doesn’t appeal to them? They move on to the next provider. For this reason, texts should be written in a concise, crisp and interesting way, avoiding wordiness. No one wants to be fed filler words when the response can be provided in succinct sentences. The art lies in formulating the essence of the statement as accurately as possible, without drifting into unclear details. The same also applies to visual content: images, including moving images, must stimulate emotions, encourage interaction and, above all, appeal to the target group.

Natalie Gijsbers, Managing Director, MisSpelling GmbH

Natalie Gijsbers is the founder and managing director of MisSpeling GmbH and is responsible for content marketing.

Portrait Natalie Gijsbers

Ralph Wagner, Content Marketing Manager, MisSpelling GmbH

Ralph Wagner is a content marketing manager at MisSpelling GmbH and is in charge of text creation, image editing and social media.

Portrait Ralph Wagner

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