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Published on 26.04.2022 by Labinot Gashi Partner & Director Digital at Rosarot

Content is one of the most important factors if you want be among the top search results. You need to know the following rules.

What is content marketing?

Content is king. That’s how it was years ago and that’s how it is now. Content marketing is a crucial factor for the digital competitiveness of a company online and is part of the company’s communication strategy.

What is SEO content?

Perfect SEO content always focuses on target groups, the customer journey and added value. If you manage to tailor your content specifically to your customers, you’re sure to get a bump up in the rankings. By considering different factors, you can quickly see positive results. But what do we need to consider?


Text is the foundation for the content on a website. However, this does not mean that relevant content can only be presented as standard elements.

As a matter of fact, content constitutes the most important information key for your customers and is therefore highly relevant to SEO. If you present your target group with suitable text-based information at every point of the customer journey, this content will tend to be used frequently and increase the likelihood that many of your potential customers become purchasers.

Images and videos

A picture says a thousand words. A video shows a thousand pictures. Videos and images are especially good for breaking up texts and giving web pages an attractive, balanced structure.

Customers are more likely to read text content all the way through if it’s supplemented with videos and images. Additionally, visual content like this has been used more and more in the past few years. Such content is simply faster to take in.


As the majority of all users in a business context are looking for information, another option is to provide text-based alternatives to essays, which are usually very long reads. Video and audio content has seen increasing popularity among users and therefore also with Google for years. In light of this, an FAQ list is an aspect of SEO to be considered in terms of text content. FAQ lists provide a question-answer format in a clearly structured and compact form that Internet users are used to seeing. These lists are highly user-oriented and are ideal for facilitating the user experience.

Length of the text

It’s long been debated what factors make for perfect SEO. One of the main points of disagreement is how long a text should be. How long does a text have to be to maximize its results in SEO? Unfortunately, the most generally applicable answer is very vague, which is: it depends on the search query that was entered into the search engine.

Google and others can answer simple queries made as voice searches directly on the SERPs. However, to even be considered for this position, your content must be appropriately targeted. Given that, the question we should be asking is: how long can the text be? And not: how long does the text have to be? Certain tools can calculate the length of posts in positions 1-3 according to the keyword query and show trends.

Internal links

Internal links are hyperlinks which lead to sub-pages within a domain. Using internal links, the link juice from the main page can be better distributed across all associated pages. This strongly influences visitor flow. It also makes it easier for search engines and users to find content.

The analysis and optimization of internal link structures is a significant part of on-page SEO – and, since such links are often embedded in content, they’re obviously highly relevant to achieving perfect SEO. Internal links fulfil several purposes simultaneously. They’re also useful to Google and other search engines, and users. We can assume that, on average, only a fraction of all URLs of a website are linked via backlinks, i.e. external links. This is why the role of the internal link structure is so important.


The hierarchy and structure of a text is extremely important when it comes to achieving the perfect SEO content. Firstly, readers can better take in well-structured texts and consequently are more likely to read them all the way through. This, in turn, has a positive effect on the all-important user experience. Secondly, clear structures also make it particularly easy for search engines to read and evaluate relevant content, which can equally give it a non-negligible boost in the rankings.


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