Net Zero Emissions Day 31 March 2022

An electric tricycle from the Post with information on sustainability in the Umweltarena Spreitenbach.

An electric tricycle from the Post with information on sustainability in the Umweltarena Spreitenbach.

Net Zero Emissions Day 31 March 2022

Published on 07.04.2022

Environmental issues are also a concern for For this reason, the association held its very first Net Zero Emissions Day on 31 March 2022. Patrick Kessler, the managing director of the association, welcomed more than 100 people to the Umwelt Arena in Spreitenbach.

15 speakers from the worlds of science, economics, consulting, commerce, the packaging industry and from various associations presented a comprehensive overview of what “net zero” means. Speakers from the US and Germany also reported live on developments and activities outside of Switzerland.

CEP service providers had the opportunity to present to the conference room. Swiss Post attended the event as a member of the association and as the largest parcel service provider in Switzerland. The company’s latest DX Combi 3-wheel electric scooter with trailer attracted a lot of attention. This vehicle enables letters and parcels to be delivered emission-free in areas with mixed delivery.

Guiding principles

In his opening speech, Prof. Dr Nicolas Gruber from the Department of Environmental Systems Science at ETH Zurich provided an impressive interpretation of where society currently stands in terms of emissions and what the political goals are. He maintains that the development can no longer be stopped and that emissions can only be cut by taking the appropriate action. But, according to Prof. Dr Gruber, simply reducing emissions and preventing new emissions does not go far enough. Instead, we need to find ways to remove CO2 from the atmosphere on a vast scale.

Several speakers presented insights on how their companies are approaching the transition to net zero and how they measure their emissions. They explained how they reduce and compensate for their CO2 emissions in the first phase, prevent CO2 emissions in the second phase and remove CO2from the environment in the third (decarbonization).

What’s happening to packaging

In a compact block of presentations, various packaging service providers outlined their efforts to reduce the use of packaging and switch to more eco-friendly options. Many initiatives focus on replacing plastic with cardboard (adhesive tape, bags), ecologically degradable filler material or boxes that can be adjusted in size. The fashion company PKZ also reported on its positive experiences of using the reusable packaging Kickbag.

Smart trade

In the final block, several companies explained how they employ comprehensive and creative solutions to ensure their business does not impact negatively on the environment in future. Freitag is developing new materials for truck tarpaulins, ensuring they can continue to make Freitag bags from reusable materials in future. They also only use biodegradable materials for their clothing collection.

Terracycle explained how they established a system that enables large manufacturers and warehouse chains in English-speaking countries to make extensive use of reusable packaging (www.exploreloop.comTarget not accessible).

Zalando outlined its plan to reduce the proportion of returns due to incorrect sizing. The company has already achieved an initial reduction in returns by introducing size recommendations. A selfie tool will soon be available via the Zalando app and work is also under way on a “virtual dressing room”.

In short, Net Zero Emissions Day was an exciting event offering a very broad view of the challenges and measures required for the transition to net zero commerce. Swiss Post plays an active role in shaping this challenging transition through its sustainability strategy.

“Net Zero Emissions Day was a resounding success! Countless presentations on a range of topics made the day exciting and valuable for me.Technically, with the virtual contributions, the event was very high quality and proved that we have truly entered the digital age for conferences too.– The issue of sustainability, in all its aspects, will keep us busy for a long time.”

Thomas Meier, Managing Director & Co-Owner of Lehner Versand AG

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