Black Friday – in high demand at Interdiscount

Parcels in parcel trolley

Parcels in parcel trolley

Black Friday 2022 In high demand at Interdiscount

Published on 24.11.2022 by Derya Kilic, Digital Commerce Consultant, Swiss Post

Year after year. In 2022, Black Friday will continue to be crucial to many high-street and online retailers. Even though there were no record sales last year, many retailers were still happy with the result. But what about now? In the midst of crises, inflation and soaring electricity and gas prices, what do online retailers actually expect from Black Friday? In our interview with Daniel Augustin, Head of Marketing at Interdiscount, we find out how Interdiscount approaches Black Friday, what the expectations are and if there are any tips for retailers.

Why is Interdiscount participating in Black Friday? / How important is Black Friday to Interdiscount? 

In recent years, these shopping events have had an ever-growing influence on revenue. Customers eagerly await these days, and home electronics in particular are very popular amongst consumers. 

What impact does Black Friday have on Interdiscount’s online business?

Generally speaking, sales revenue on these days has been steadily rising for years, though revenue stagnated for the first time last year. We are seeing an ever-increasing concentration of revenue on these days. In addition to the need to prepare top offers during this time, companies also have to work even more intensely on application and information channels.

Parcel on sorting belt

What measures do you take as a retailer to make sure everything goes smoothly on Black Friday?

Revenue peaks are quite short lived but very high, so it is imperative to ensure there are no IT failures. In order to prepare, we take great care to fine-tune our IT systems, and we work tirelessly to ensure everything goes smoothly. Additionally, we stock up on all the resources we need to deliver the products to our customers as quickly as possible.

In 2021, Black Friday revenue stagnated in comparison to the previous year, although electronic items such as TVs, smartphones and headphones were very popular. What sort of turnover expectations do you have for Black Friday in times of coronavirus, war in Ukraine, inflation and high electricity and gas prices?

Due to the current decline in consumer confidence, we expect price sensitivity to increase, especially in the home electronics category. Customers will increasingly scout out the best offers. We can respond to this trend with well-priced offers, especially during the promotional Black Friday period.

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From retailer to retailer: are there any tips or recommendations you would give to other retailers who have never participated in Black Friday?

The revenue potential if you put out good offers on these days is tremendous. Systems and supplier chains during this period come under a lot more pressure than on normal days. Here are a couple of tips from me personally: 

  • Prepare your IT systems for this pressure so you avoid any interruptions.
  • Adjust delivery times and capacity so you don’t let the customer down.

Daniel Augustin

Daniel Augustin is Head of Marketing at Interdiscount and Along with his team, he ensures that both brands have an attractive online and offline presence. There is an extra dose of passion in the preparation for promotional days.

Portrait Daniel Augustin

Derya Kilic, Digital Commerce Consultant, Swiss Post

Derya Kilic is a digital commerce consultant at Swiss Post. She helps retailers to develop their digital maturity by assisting them with strategic digitization projects and helping them to develop solutions.

Portrait Derya Kilic

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