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Success in online sales Achieving success through personal branding

Published on 27.04.2021 by Baschi Sale, LinkedIn and social selling expert

Personal branding has long been right at the top of the to-do list in online sales – and in other areas, too. Personal branding is one of the key elements in your online performance and is deemed the basis for success for freelancers, entrepreneurs and employees.

Self-marketing on business and social media platforms is known as personal branding. In other words, personal branding is the strategy used to ensure that you and your brand stand out from the competition.

What are the benefits of personal branding?

Personal branding enables you to have a targeted influence over what you stand for in the public sphere and how you are perceived. It means focusing on your own abilities and strengths to enhance your status in the industry. Through proactive positioning on specific relevant issues, you also determine your own standpoint. Failing to position yourself leaves you vulnerable to attack. Good personal branding ensures this potential error is avoided and puts your company in a positive light.

Who benefits from a good personal branding strategy?

Personal branding is useful in many areas, including marketing, sales, job-hunting and career management. A clear brand identity enhances your reputation and raises your profile in your sector. Personal branding also has an impact on customer and order acquisition, as well as on job opportunities and promotions. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a freelancer or an employee – all professional groups in all sectors and at every career level benefit from personal branding.

How does personal branding work?

How can I take advantage of these benefits by creating a successful brand? First of all, personal branding aims to achieve long-term success and requires a great deal of endeavour and patience.

You can lay the foundations for personal branding success further down the road by clearly defining goals and setting out an effective and feasible personal branding strategy. The next step requires determination and effort every day – such as by creating high-quality content and ensuring regular social media activity on relevant channels, like LinkedIn. When implementing the strategies you have defined, it’s important to come across as genuine and to highlight your standout qualities. Distinctive corporate design and consistent use of relevant keywords in your profile and posts are also vital.

All of this demands daily effort and constant monitoring. But if you invest the necessary time, the positive results will soon become apparent: your network will grow, and you’ll gain recognition in your sector.

In short, personal branding is a key tool for freelancers and employees alike for raising their profile and generating customer orders. Don’t be discouraged by any teething problems, as your patience will soon pay off: sticking with personal branding will guarantee that you achieve your goals sooner or later.

Baschi Sale, LinkedIn and social selling expert, Social Schweiz GmbH

For more than 10 years, Baschi Sale has helped Swiss companies and private individuals to harness the enormous potential of LinkedIn and social selling methods for marketing, sales and job-hunting.

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