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Your opinion counts Want to go back to the office?

Published on 15.07.2020

Tell us what you think about working from home! Opinions on this issue are currently quite divided. Some have become used to working from home during the lockdown, while others would prefer to return to the office as quickly as possible. What are your thoughts?

A large number of people have been working from home for several weeks due to the coronavirus crisis. For many, this has been a new experience with a bumpy start, as they had to quickly arrange for childcare. The sudden and constant presence of partners has also put some relationships to the test. Those who already had a place to work in their home were at an advantage, because they didn’t have to endure any discomfort from a non-ergonomic workspace. As sales figures from online shops have shown, many others had to set about purchasing the necessary equipment.

But now the difficult start is a distant memory for a good number of people. There are calls for temporary remote working to become the permanent state of affairs. The desire to work from home is growing stronger.

Twitter was one of the first companies to send its employees home after the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis. They have now been given the option to choose whether they want to work at home from now on.

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