Revolution for effective cross-marketing

Marketing Revolution for effective cross-marketing

Published on 7.10.2020 by Melanie Huber, Head of 360° Cross-Channel Solutions at Swiss Post

In dialogue marketing, Swiss Post relies on smart technologies. They reinforce personalization, thereby ensuring its business customers’ advertising has a greater impact.

While Tom is reading an article on his tablet, he stumbles across an ad for an NGO. Finding the topic interesting, he clicks on the picture and is taken to the organization’s website. A few days later, Tom receives an e-mail and takes a closer look. Shortly afterwards, when he finds a letter from the NGO in his letter box, he decides to make a donation.

How can companies and organizations make potential customers – or, in this case, donors – feel as if they are being personally approached through advertising? And how do they achieve this without significant coverage wastage? The keyword is “cross-media marketing”. Opportunities for addressing people in a targeted, personalized manner have evolved and expanded in recent years. Nowadays, automation makes it possible to control and optimize advertising material: via tracking technology, advertising is continuously aimed at target groups as precisely as possible, minimizing coverage wastage.

With the “Cross Channel Solutions” service, Swiss Post develops cross-media campaigns for its customers. These campaigns are tailored to the customers’ goals and target groups. That’s because at Swiss Post, dialogue marketing is no longer only about physical promotional mailings. On the contrary: Swiss Post offers tailor-made solutions combining digital and physical channels. For example, the channels comprise display, digital outdoor advertising, e-mail, social media and both unaddressed and addressed mailings. Thanks to Swiss Post’s cooperation with relevant partners, a large number of personal, interest-based, event-related and location-related data is available, creating the basis for a precise target group approach. Swiss Post’s range of services covers all phases of a campaign from pre-analysis, to design and the presentation of the measures, including reporting and post analysis.

One example of how this has been successfully deployed is the “ZeroLeprosy” campaign from the Leprosy Mission Switzerland. The charity set itself the goal of stopping transmission of the disease worldwide by 2035. To do so, it aims to make the Swiss population aware of the issues of leprosy, poverty and exclusion and invite them to join the campaign.

A cross-media campaign was developed in cooperation with the Cross-Channel Solutions Team. Display ads were used to generate interest in the issue. People who responded to the advert were then personally contacted by e-mail during a remarketing phase. At the same time, a “custom audience” was formed on social media and those who responded to the display ads were contacted again. Interested parties were contacted again using an addressed reminder and made aware of the topic.

The cross-media campaign generated a high level of interest in Leprosy Mission, which now has over 180,000 contacts in its target group. Ultimately, through the different phases of the campaign, some 15,000 letters were sent to potential donors (the people who responded in the previous phases).

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Melanie Huber

Melanie Huber heads the “360° Cross Channel Solutions” team at Swiss Post and is expanding the cross-media portfolio of services. Previously, she was in business development and was a co-founder of the marketplace at Digitec Galaxus.

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