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Connecta 2020 Connecta inspires – even digitally

Published on 20 October 2020 by Darija Dananic, Project Manager for Marketing Communications at Swiss Post and Communication Manager for Connecta

The decision to hold Connecta solely in digital form this year was not an easy one for the organizing committee to make. However, the new format does not mean the event will be any less inspirational than it has been in previous years.

Unfortunately, participants at this year’s Connecta will miss out on the pleasant atmosphere and personal contact enjoyed in Berne. The restrictions in place throughout Europe and the duty of care for visitors and speakers have left no other viable option. However, participants still have the opportunity to gain inspiration and further insights into the digital world. Because as a digital event, Connecta is really taking off!

Free for everyone: Connecta TV

On 21 October, the new “Connecta TV” format will be held from 2 p.m. With Katrin-Cécile Ziegler moderating, prominent experts will discuss three important areas:

  • What will the future of online retail look like? Expect a lively conversation about topical digital retail issues from this panel. Who is set for success? And will marketplaces rule the roost? Or do they already?
  • Unbossing”: Lockdowns and concerns about infection are causing people around the world to work increasingly from home. But what impact will this have on our working environment? Do we actually still need bosses? And if yes, what qualities do they need to have? Home offices also present particular challenges to staff. How is it possible to forge a career if you are mainly just sitting at home?
  • Online future: Are Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon already too dominant? Can the ‘Big Four’ be stopped? Or are Europe and Switzerland destined to remain spectators? Do we maybe even need a “new” Internet?

Look forward to 60 fascinating minutes!

The programme can be viewed online free of charge and without registration at (video only available in German), from tomorrow at 2 p.m. Please note that the Connecta programmes are available in German only.

Connecta Doc: A film about the transformation in retail

We’re not exaggerating when we say we’re announcing a world premiere for 3 p.m. on 21 October. This is when the documentary by Daniel Rytz and cameraman Pierre Reischer will be available to view.

How did retail react to the lockdown in Switzerland? Experts are interviewed in the film, which investigates how Swiss consumer habits have changed. Which ones will last and what will remain from the lockdown?

You can view the film free of charge at (video only available in German). Here’s a sneak preview (in German):

Connecta Talk gives you something to listen to

Our “Connecta Talk” section will also open at 3 p.m. – really giving you something to listen to! Assisted by moderator Aileen Zumstein and podcaster Martin Rechsteiner, better known as Pokipsie, this platform is where speakers can directly address listeners. Around 40 interviews have been held with our experts. You won't find this kind of inspirational content on the radio.

Listen to ideas and inspiration at (videos only available in German).

Have you been reading?

Have you seen our blog? Many of our speakers are writing about current issues there. Tap into the pool of expert knowledge and be inspired. Kill some time until the first digital Connecta gets started!

Darija Dananic, Project Manager for Marketing Communications at Post CH Ltd

Darija Dananic is Project Manager for Marketing Communications at Post CH Ltd. As part of this role, she oversees the communications activities for Connecta Bern.

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