11 April 2019 is Swiss Logistics Day

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Swiss Logistics Day 2019 11 April 2019 is Swiss Logistics Day

Published on 11.04.2019

Swiss Logistics Day is taking place on 11 April 2019. On this promotional day, companies from across Switzerland will be opening their doors and inviting members of the public to take a look behind the scenes and experience logistics for themselves.

At first glance, logistics may not appear much. How many customers actually reflect on how much time and effort goes into delivering the parcels they order online? But logistics is much more than just transport and storage. In Switzerland alone, there are over 160,000 people working in this field who together generate CHF 34 billion in revenue.

Without sophisticated logistics concepts, raw materials and parts will not be at production facilities on time. It is logistics which makes modern business models possible. During Swiss Logistics Day, companies will provide information on their activities and occupational fields and vividly demonstrate what logistics is all about today. And Swiss Post will of course also be there.

In 2018, Swiss Post sorted and delivered around 138 million parcels. But what does this actually involve? How does a parcel center work? What happens there to ensure parcels are delivered on time?

These questions will be answered in a virtual tour. Learn how parcels arrive at the facility, how they are sorted and their ongoing processing. Get a close-up look at how things work.

Virtual tour through a Swiss Post parcel center (german)

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