Five ideas for last-minute gifts

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Christmas Five ideas for last-minute gifts

Published on 17.12.2019 by Stephan Lamprecht, Journalist

There are now only a few days left until Christmas. We’ve got five last-minute gift ideas for all those who don’t have all their presents sorted out yet.

Well done to those who calmly started buying their Christmas gifts from mid-November and had everything ready by the end of the month. But when it comes to the second week in December, many of us start to panic because we haven’t bought a single present. What about these five ideas for gifts that you can buy quickly?

Give someone a place to put pen to paper

Moleskine notebooks are now legendary. Their ribbon page markers, a pouch for receipts, photos and other papers in the back, and the customary rubber band to hold them shut have made these pads iconic in terms of their design. There’s a Moleskine special edition for Swiss Federal Railways in the customary red with the SBB logo. The notebooks can be ordered in the online shop and are also available from travel centers. The shop lets you know whether it’s worth your while going to the station as it shows current stock levels. And if you’re looking for something more digital, you can’t go wrong with the Smart Writing Set from Moleskine – what you write down on the pad is directly linked to digital end devices, so the sky’s the limit for your creativity.

An experience to remember

How about a gift offering an unforgettable experience? Mydays or Jochen Schweizer are sure to have something suitable. You’ll find the ideal present there, allowing recipients to take some time out from everyday life. A tandem paragliding flight over Switzerland isn’t something you do every day. And to round it off, what about a photoshoot for the whole family to create lasting memories? You’ll also find various romantic and culinary experiences to choose from.

The gift of entertainment

You can quickly buy a present offering hours of entertainment. The legendary newspaper “The New Yorker” is available both digitally and in paper form and doesn’t just report on what’s happening in the Big Apple. Its articles are always innovative and fascinating. There’s also a small format “New Yorker” for Switzerland from “Reportagen” as well as audiobooks from all genres with something for everyone. Give someone an Audible voucher for hours of top entertainment!

Make someone happy with a subscription

Subscription packages are great gift ideas as the recipient will think of you all year round. They’ll receive a surprise each month or every three months. The offering ranges from culinary highlights like the HelvetiBox and cosmetics to tasty treats and toys for your four-legged friends (WoofBox).

Speaking of gifts out of a box: gift boxes deliver a great range of exciting presents. From fancy hand creams, fortune cookies, delicious teas and gifts for future barbecues – you’ll find tonnes of ideas and delightful small gifts.

Give someone your time

In our hectic lives, perhaps the nicest and most valuable thing you can give is your own time. No other gift is as personal and individual as that. Whether it’s inviting friends, relatives and acquaintances over to cook together in your kitchen, taking someone on a hike or devoting some time to a joint hobby, the choice is yours. And all you need to do it is write a few words in a beautiful Christmas card, which is one thing that can definitely be bought at the last minute!

On that note, we wish you all a pleasant festive season!

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Stephan Lamprecht, journalist

Stephan Lamprecht has been following e-commerce developments in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for two decades as a journalist and consultant.

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