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Free initial consultation Free assessment included

Digital commerce constantly presents new challenges to everyone involved. We offer a free initial consultation including a free assessment, during which we analyse how ready you are for e-commerce.

The benefits for you

  • We analyse your positioning and that of your competitors on digital channels (visibility, social media).
  • We analyse your overall e-commerce customer journey, including online visibility and the logistics processes involved.
  • Using our outside perspective, we help you to identify and close any gaps in your customer journey.
  • A better customer experience leads to:
    • a better conversion rate for your online shop
    • more new customers and greater customer loyalty
    • more revenue for your online shop

The benefits for you

  • The consultation provides you with an initial overview into how well you are positioned in online retail and where appropriate optimization measures can be made.
  • You get an objective external perspective of your business as well as quick wins which boost revenue.
  • We show you what Swiss consumers expect from retailers.

Who is this service for?

The offer is addressed to small and medium-sized online retailers.


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  • Free initial consultation including free assessment

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